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Corrosion resistant high suction self priming pump
08-12-2020, 09:37 AM
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Corrosion resistant high suction self priming pump

In many working conditions, because the suction inside the container itself is negative pressure, a large suction self-priming pump is needed to suck out the liquid in the container. Then the self-priming pump must first consider the vacuum negative pressure higher than the container. For example, the negative pressure value in a container is -0.08mpa. Under this condition, the vacuum degree of the self-priming pump must be higher than-0.09mpa, so it must be considered Select high negative pressure self-priming pump products.

For example, our self-priming pump with fast water absorption has a negative pressure of -0.09mpa at the inlet. If the container and the pump are installed on the same plane, we can choose the high suction self-priming pump product. However, we should consider the choice of high suction self-priming pump products when the flow rate should be doubled.

For example, if the required flow rate is 2m3 / h, then we should select 4m3 / h self-priming pump when selecting high suction self-priming pump products. It should be noted that if the pump outlet pipeline system is not the same negative pressure, we need to install linkage valve and check valve at the outlet, and then close the outlet valve before starting the high suction self-priming pump, and then open the outlet valve after the high suction self-priming pump runs Just the door. The series of corrosion-resistant high suction self-priming pump materials are mainly divided into various stainless steel materials, PP polypropylene materials, PVDF fluoroplastic materials, Hastelloy steel materials for different working conditions.

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